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Terms of service

1. The procedure of booking a service is as follows.

1.1. It can be done by filling out our online booking form. We confirm the orders via e-mail upon receipt.

If your booking isn’t confirmed within 24 hours, please call our customer service at the number indicated on our website.

1.2. In urgent cases, we accept bookings over the phone.

2. Bookings can be modified 4 days before the start of the trip and canceled 48 hours prior to the start of the trip, both free of charge. If a passenger cancels after this time limit, s/he must pay the full price. Modifications made less than 4 days before the start will be surcharged with an amount that varies depending on the number of travelers, but is a minimum of 5.000 HUF. Modifying to a time that is less than 24 hours away can only be accepted if there is a vacancy and a verbal arrangement is made.

When booking a return trip, the second trip can be used within 3 months from the date of booking. Upon canceling a service where the trip is less than 24 hours from the booking and the vehicle has already started for the passenger, the full amount will be invoiced.

3. If you don’t receive any notification about the pickup time until 7PM the day before your trip, please call the following number for making arrangements: +36 (30) 649-4999.

4. If the passenger cannot be reached at the given phone number, the responsibility of the inconvenience caused by any necessary changes is his/hers.

5. We can only guarantee the transportation of passengers arriving with flights scheduled to land after 11PM if the plane isn’t delayed for more than 30 minutes. If the delay is longer than 30 minutes and there are passengers waiting in our cars, we will commence the trip.

6. Bookings within less than 4 days from the trip will only be accepted if there are vacant seats in any of our vehicles. Alternatively, these bookings will be adjusted to the transfer of those customers who made their booking within the deadline.

7. If the actual return time varies from the time indicated on the original order, it is the passenger’s responsibility to inform the supplier of the new arrival time, right after he/she is informed about the change. Failing to do so means that the supplier cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the lack of notification.

8. About any excess luggage (more than 1 suitcase of max. 25 kg and 1 hand luggage/person) or other equipment (snowboard, bicycle, wheelchair), we need to be informed upon booking, or until the day before the trip. The fee for the excess luggage is 2.000 HUF. Traveling with a dog is only allowed if it is below 10 kg in weight and is placed in a kennel with a muzzle on.

9. The prices indicated in the price-list are the costs of transfer from the following cities: Debrecen, NyĂ­regyhĂĄza, Miskolc, Eger. The cost of traveling from a different city will be arranged with the passenger in advance.

10. When traveling to the airport, we guarantee the dropoff time to be within Âą1 hour relative to the beginning of check-in. If there is more than one pickup location on the way to the airport, there can be a 5-10-minute delay in the pickup time. Upon arrival, a maximum of 90 minutes can elapse from the planned landing time of the first and last flights. We calculate with 25-30 minutes for luggage reclaim per passenger after landing, which can increase waiting time. The same applies even if the passenger has a hand luggage only as we must provide each passenger the same service. In case a problem may occur with your luggage (e.g. it is damaged or missing), please call us immediately in order not to cause any disturbance in the transfers.

In case the waiting time for a passenger exceeds 90 minutes, the supplier will decrease the price of service. The refund is 10% if the amount of excess waiting time is 1-30 minutes, and 15% if it’s more than 30 minutes.

If a flight is delayed and the vehicle cannot wait for a passenger because other passengers’ (already in the vehicle) waiting time would exceed 90 minutes, the delayed passenger will be informed about the departure time of our next vehicle. In the case of schedule changes caused by delayed flights, a longer waiting time may occur. We are not responsible for flights being delayed, but we deliver every delayed passenger to their destination. Refund is not available for passengers whose flights are delayed and will have more than 90 minutes waiting time as the delay was not caused by the supplier.

We kindly ask our returning passengers to notify our customer service in case any flight delays should occur. This way we can reschedule effectively and arrange the fastest possible service. If a delay should occur, customer service informs our passengers over the phone or in a text massage about the arrival of our next vehicle. In these cases, waiting time can exceed 90 minutes.

Upon arriving in Budapest by bus or train with a delay in the planned arrival time supplied by the passenger, there could be a longer waiting period due to the rescheduling of our vehicles.

If the passenger is not picked up at the airport, the 90-minute maximum waiting time and the refund system cannot be applied.

If you were not satisfied with our service, please let us know within 3 days, so that we can investigate at the earliest. Your complaint will be adjudicated within 3 working days and if found reasonable, it will be redressed.

If you travel to a destination other than the airport in Budapest, a surcharge will be applied in addition to the normal price. The extra cost depends on the district you travel to.

Our schedule is adjusted to the passengers’ arrival times at the airport. This can cause an earlier arrival or a longer waiting time. In order to avoid any inconvenience, please call our customer service 1 or 2 days prior to the trip.

The supplier cannot be held responsible for any flight delays or cancellations regardless whether it is from the airline’s fault (delayed fueling, engine dysfunction) or caused by weather conditions (fog, snow, ice, wind).

If any passenger is delayed in a way that the vehicle cannot wait for more than 90 minutes, the passenger will be informed about our next vehicle’s arrival time. If the two vehicles are several hours apart or there are no seats available in them, a waiting period can amount to several hours. If the passenger is aware that his/her flight will be delayed or cancelled, he/she is obliged to report this to the supplier.

Booking transportation to a flight, departing between 10 PM and 5:30 AM, or landing between 0:40 AM and 7:00 AM, we are only be able to provide you a VIP Transfer Service at a corresponding price.

11. For safety reasons the driver cannot leave the vehicle. Waiting for a passenger inside the Terminal is only possible upon a written request. We will inform the passengers about the pickup location. If the driver is requested to wait for the passenger inside the terminal building with a name plate, the parking fee will be calculated in the service fee.

12. For safety reasons the driver cannot leave the vehicle, therefore waiting for a passenger inside the Terminal is only possible upon a written request. We will wait for everyone on the arrival side of the airport, at the space designated for this purpose. We can also hold a sign with the passenger’s name on it if requested.

13. Our company cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by events not under the control of any party (e.g.: accidents, road blockades), but to decrease this risks, we can use several alternate routes. To avoid any inconvenience caused by technical malfunctions, we have replacement vehicles available.

14. The average travel time from Debrecen and NyĂ­regyhĂĄza to Budapest Airport is 3 hours between March 1 and November 1 and it is 3,5-4 hours in the rest of the year. We arrange pickup times accordingly. We will notify our passengers about the travel time calculated from other cities.

15. We take liability for damages caused by our company upon presentation of evidence.

16. The passenger takes all the responsibility for damage caused by him/her in the vehicle or any other passenger.

17. When traveling with us, the passenger is liable to be in good health, and free of any diseases that mean a higher than usual risk to the other passengers. The passenger must be polite with other passengers as well as the driver. In case the passenger is disturbing anyone, the driver has the right to suspend his/her journey. The passengers participate in our service on their own responsibility.

18. The passenger must accept the conditions mentioned above to become eligible to our services. After booking, the passenger accepts these conditions upon receiving the confirmation documents. The confirmation of the booking is the duty and liability of the person who is taking the order.

19. Payment options

  • The price can be paid at our partner travel agencies in cash or by bank transfer for our CIB Bank account: 10702064-70062429-51100005, IBAN code: HU47107020647006242951100005, SWIFT Code: CIBHHUHB
  • The price can be paid at our office in cash.
  • The price can be paid via credit/debit card safely.
  • The price can be paid to the driver during the journey, if the other options listed above cannot be solvable.
Safe paying via credit/debit card:

On our website, www.el-szallit.hu operated by HĂłrusz Transzfer Ltd., secure credit card payment provided by CIB Bank. Security is based on data separation. The website receives the information related to the customer's order and CIB Bank only receives the card data required for payment transaction on the payment page with 265-bit TLS encryption. The website is not informed about the data on the payment page, those can be accessed by CIB Bank only. The results of the transaction will be appear on the website page after payment. To pay by card, your browser has to support TLS encryption. The price of the purchased goods/services will be blocked on your card account immediately. Please read the detailed information!

Welcome to our Website with CIB Bank's secure internet payment solution!

Here is a brief overview of how to manage your payment in a safe way below.

What to look for when you purchasing?
  • Please read the description of our website, the conditions of purchase and the terms of delivery and payment!
  • Please read the security terms of our website, since this guarantees the security of your data and keep track of your purchase information!
  • Please record the transaction details of your payment! (transaction ID, authorization number)
  • Please ensure that your secret card data can be never accessed by unauthorized persons!
  • Please use a browser, which supports TLS encryption option!
About Security:

TLS, stands for Transport Layer Security, which is an accepted encryption mode. The bank's communication channel is protected by a 256 bit encryption key. A company, called VeriSign allows CIB Bank to use this 256 bit key to provide TLS-based encryption. Currently, 90% of the world's electronic commerce uses this encryption method. The browser program used by the customer, encrypts the cardholder's data before sending with the help of the TLS, so these data send to CIB Bank in an encrypted form, thus these cannot be interpreted by unauthorized people.

Steps of payment:
  1. Choose the service on our site, https://www.el-szallit.hu/hu_HU/online-megrendeles, and then pay the price of the service via bank card.
  2. After that, our customer service will send an e-mail to inform you about the details of the service you have ordered and the exact amount of payment.
  3. By clicking on the link, the secure payment guarantee page of CIB Bank opens, where you have to fill in your card details to start the payment.
  4. After typing your card details, click the "payment" button to start the transaction.
  5. Lastly, after the payment, you redirect to the Website, where you receive a confirmation of the result of the transaction.
In the case of successful payment via credit card -this means that after the checking of validity and cover, the debit card is accepted- CIB Bank will start charging the account of the cardholder with the consideration of the goods or services.

If you are not redirected from the payment page to the Website, the transaction will be considered unsuccessful. If you click on the "back" or "refresh" buttons of the browser, or close the browser before redirected to the store, the transaction will be considered unsuccessful.

If you would like more information about the result of your transaction, reason of failure, or details, please contact your bank.

(More information: FAQ Credit card payment information)

20. The person booking our services will be contacted via e-mail in every case to confirm the booking and to clarify the date of the trip. The supplier contacts the passenger directly about pickup times if possible, otherwise the person responsible for booking will be notified.



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