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How can I book your service?
By clicking on the Booking tab, over the phone or by visiting our office personally.

Where can I find your office?
The address is 98/b Füredi Street (the Medicor yard), Debrecen.

How much before my trip should I make a booking?
Since our company works with a 72-hour booking deadline, the success of any transportation request within that period will depend on a) whether other passengers are registered for the given transport and b) the number of seats available in the vehicle.

Can I pay with credit card in the vehicle and in the office?
Yes, you can.

Can I pay to the driver?
Yes, if there is no other way to make the payment before the trip, you can pay to the driver as well.

Can I ask for an invoice if I pay in the vehicle?
Yes, but please indicate your name and billing address upon booking.

Can I pay with Euros, Dollars or Pounds in the vehicle?
Yes, you can. We calculate the amount using the daily exchange rate published by CIB Bank.
Please prepare the exact amount as our driver does not carry change in a foreign currency.
Please do not give coins to the driver. He will accept banknotes only. The change will be given to you in Forints.

If I book an airport shuttle, where will you pick me up?
Our goal is to transport the passengers and their luggage door-to-door, thus our vehicle will go to the address indicated by the passenger.

What time will the vehicle pick me up?
The exact pickup time for each passenger is calculated one day before their trip. We notify our passengers in a message sent to the phone number they provided at registration. Our notifications are sent out during the afternoon hours. If you don’t receive it until 6 pm, please call our customer service.

Does the driver stop for a break during the journey?
Yes, at least once for a few minutes.

How do I find your vehicle at the airport?
The massage we send you will contain details about the vehicle you have to look for.

Am I insured during my journey?
Yes, our vehicles have both passenger and luggage insurance.

What do I have to do if my flight is delayed?
As soon as you’re informed about the delay, contact us, so we can make the necessary arrangements.

If my flight arrives late, will you wait for me?
If the other passengers’ waiting time does not exceed 90 minutes, the vehicle will wait for you. If it does, we will seat you in our next ride.

Do you provide services to destinations other than the airport?
Yes, please call our customer service for a price negotiation. If you travel to a destination in Budapest other than the airport, a surcharge will be added to the base price.
Our schedules are adjusted to the passengers’ arrival time at the airport. This can cause an earlier arrival or a longer waiting time. In order to avoid any inconvenience, please call our customer service 1 or 2 days prior to the trip.

Can I ask for an infant car seat?
Of course, we have baby carriers, car seats and even booster seats. Please indicate your request on the booking form.

For any further information, feel free to contact us at

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